lucien is generous but a bit pretentious,
only top quality ingredients
can touch his little person

The Lucien are hand made with select ingredients: organic almonds, eggs and butter, organic and sustainable Valrhona chocolate made from pure cocoa butter… They have no preservatives. For an optimal degustation, we advise to keep them in their original packaging in a cool and dry place (15 to 20°C) and to eat them within 3 days of their delivery (which should not be an impossible task!).

Lucien is from Montreuil (a kind of Shoreditch next to Paris), where he is born in a little atelier surrounded by green and nice friends who check all his recipes. If you’d like to know more about him, we will just say that before becoming a slightly eccentric financier, Lucien was an adorable grandfather who brought cakes to his granddaughter every Sunday. The little girl has grown and now she makes the little Lucien…

financier who dares to venture
out of chic districts,
hand made in the east of paris,
lucien is slightly eccentric

lucien loves to be crunched into the wild so he respects nature,
his packaging is plastic free and entirely biodegradable