Lucien loves company, particularly the company of fruits. So here is a very simple recipe, but with a little trick that changes everything: Pauline’s fruit salad (a great friend of Lucien and also a specialist of mini black head sheep from Valais, look at them on the web, they are SO cute).

The recipe can suit all types of fruits whatever the season (here the combo mango banana clementine kiwi raspberry blueberry) and the magical tip is, before preparing the fruits, to soak dried cranberrries into a big tablespoon of orgeat syrup added with some lukewarm water. Orgeat syrup being made of almonds (and orange blossom), it perfectly marries with Lucien.

You let marinate the time to cut the fruits (if you use mango or banana, don’t forget to add a lemon juice to avoid them to darken). And if you love ginger, you can also add finely chopped crystallized ginger. Then you mix the whole thing and, miracle, it’s done (and delicious with all Lucien)!

Now, it’s your turn to play! A big up to Pauline for this recipe and we look forward to your favourite ideas to accompany the Lucien!