Lucien takes you to Italy for a caffè alla nocciola, more precisely in Napoli where this little killer comes from.

It’s really simple to prepare : whisk 25 ml of fresh cold cream with a little coffee spoon of sugar without letting it becoming too firm. Drop a big coffee spoon of nut spread (for instance Nocciolata, delicious and organic) in the bottom of a cup. Pour the espresso on it (an espresso made with the machinetta is better but your usual coffee machine will do the job). Spread the whipped cream on the coffee with a toffeed hazelnut if you have one (otherwise it will be delicious anyway).

Drink promptly with a Lucien Nocciolata, coffee or dark chocolate Amaretto (or the three!) and book your tickets right away to Italy, arrivederci amici!

Photo credit & recipe Raffaella Caucci / DersutMag