Question out of curiosity: where does Lucien come from?2019-02-23T11:46:44+01:00

Lucien is from Montreuil, a kind of Shoreditch next to Paris, where he is hand made in a little atelier surrounded by green (Lucien loves nature). About his genealogy, Lucien comes from a long tradition, the tradition of “les mères”, “the mothers”, great cooks in the Lyon and Bresse region whose restaurants became famous for some of them like the Mère Blanc or Mère Brazier. Lucien mothers (2 Joséphine, 1 Nicole) did not have a restaurant but they spent their life (and still does for one of them) indulging their entourage. They gave Lucien his taste for generous cuisine and good products. One day, when he has time between 2 batches, Lucien will give you some of their recipes!

Shipping question: how to get some Lucien ?2019-05-18T15:44:32+02:00

The Lucien are hand made on demand and shipped on the day following your order. However, for eagers gourmets, each day we manufacture some flavours that are ready to be sent on the same day (orders before 2PM). These Lucien are signaled by the mention “Hand made today, ready to ship” on the product page next to the price. Lastly, persons gifted with the sense of anticipation (respect!) can choose a later delivery date on the payment page (please enter a day before the D day, never knows!).

In France we are proposing 5 shipping ways:

  1. Free withdrawal at our atelier 27 rue de la Révolution in Montreuil (5 min from Robespierre subway, or, if you’d like a little walk, 15 min from Saint-Mandé subway). Be warned, our atelier closes at 8PM!
  2. Courier delivery in Paris and the first crown (from 10 to 20€ according to the delivery zone). Depending on distance and availability, it is done by bike (Lucien’s favourite!), public transport or scooter.
  3. Colissimo delivery (4.50€, free for orders above 50€). Indicative delivery time is 48H.
  4. Chronopost 18 home delivery (15€ whatever the number of ordered boxes). Delivery the next day before 6PM.
  5. Pick up and go Chronopost delivery (7€ whatever the number of ordered boxes). Delivery at the nearest Chronopost pick up of your address the next day before 1PM.

We also ship to many European countries: Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden. Indicative delivery time is 24/48H.

For shippings to other countries, please contact us at [email protected].

Eco-friendly question: is Lucien organic?2019-05-18T15:48:33+02:00

We are close to it: Lucien is 90% organic. Butter, almonds, sugar, flour, eggs, all chocolates of the ganaches, cream, agave syrup and fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits are organic. Chocolate chip and some fruits like raspberries or passion fruits are not organic yet but we are working on it!

Critical question: how many calories in a Lucien?2019-02-23T11:06:04+01:00

Depending on the flavour, a Lucien contains between 72 and 76 calories (for instance a Lucien lemon contains 72 calories and a Lucien dark chocolate Amaretto or Nocciolata 76). Obviously it is more than a chouquette (approximately 45 calories and mainly air, isn’t it?), but less than a mini pain au chocolat (about 120 calories). A little Lucien for dessert shouldn’t therefore ruin your efforts if you keep an eye on your silhouette! (Otherwise it is said that dancing 10 minutes makes you loose 100 calories, so turn on the sound machine!)

Practical question: can I freeze my Lucien?2019-02-23T11:03:54+01:00

In case by accident you had think too big in your Lucien order (or if you are the kind of admirable persons who always want to have a dessert ready for unexpected visits), you can freeze your Lucien. Except Lucien raspberry, rum pineapple and milk chocolate passion fruit (for which, depending on the season, we can freeze fruits purees to keep constant quality), your Lucien will perfectly handle the polar cold if you freeze them in an adapted wrapping and let them defrost at room temperature during 1H, 1H30 before rushing upon them.

Healthy question: which allergens does Lucien contain?2019-02-23T11:05:01+01:00

Allergens in all Lucien are gluten, egg and almond. Depending on the flavours, some other allergens can add, like for instance hazelnut in Lucien nocciolata. You can find the list of every Lucien’s allergens in the “additional details” section on the products pages. Lastly, Lucien are manufactured in an atelier using other nuts than almonds and therefore can contain traces of hazelnuts and pistachios, but no peanuts.

Question of the police: is Lucien a good citizen?2019-02-23T11:07:30+01:00

He does everything to be one: he buys his ingredients from suppliers reputed for their reliability and always favours organic and quality, he is maniac about hygiene and cold chain, he does not exploit people he works with and, of course, he pays all his taxes in France. Oh and yes, he hates plastic, accepts to be wrapped only in biodegradable materials and, in Paris, mister Lucien prefers to be delivered by bike…

Dramatic question: I haven’t received my Lucien, what should I do?2019-02-23T11:14:08+01:00

Aie, we are really sorry, we can feel your pain. If you ordered by Colissimo or Chronopost, the first thing to do is to follow the route of your Lucien using the link in the email we sent you to confirm the shipment. In case of delay, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], we will come back to you as soon as possible. If you ordered by courier in Paris or the first crown, send us an email at [email protected] we will contact the courier companies we work with. And keep faith, we can sort that out!

Dramatic question number 2: what if my Lucien are damaged?2019-02-23T11:44:05+01:00

We take great care of Lucien’s wrapping in order to avoid this kind of misadventure. However, if for any reason your Lucien had arrived in undignified conditions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Indecision question: can I change my order?2019-02-23T11:45:11+01:00

Of course you may change your mind: as Lucien are hand made on demand, you have until 24H before shipment to change flavours, reduce, increase or cancel your order by sending us an email at [email protected]. But careful, beyond this deadline Lucien can’t help you anymore and your order will be manufactured and invoiced!


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